Riviera Villa Entrance

Riviera Villa

Trip to Golden Gate

The Sabankaya Family takes Residents of Riviera on a trip to Golden Gate, in San Francisco, California 1976 (above) and Disneyland in 1980 (below).

Clients trip to Disneyland

Everything started with Riviera Villa, which was the first licensed care facility to be owned and operated by the Sabankaya Family in 1974. Clients of the facility assimilated into the family through weekly outings. Together, they went to various parks, tourist attractions, and cultural events, including repeated trips to Disneyland, Lake Tahoe, San Diego Zoo, Marine World, the Hollywood movie studios, and countless other fantastic locations--all at no cost to the clients! Although the business has expanded over the years, the loyalty of the Sabankaya Family to the residents of Riviera has not changed.

Dancing Around the Campfire
Clients join the Sabankaya Family at the Riviera Resort, in the Santa Cruz mountains, for three days and nights of festive food, games, and folk dancing.

After extensive remodeling, the property has become known throughout the downtown as being one of the most attactive complexes within the county. Family members labored for many years, customizing the property in every way.

They created handmade iron gates, slate floors, and walls of exterior plaster with no expense or effort spared. The courtyards contain countless palm trees, and other exotic plants that bloom yearround.

As with the Riviera Paseos and the Riviera Club, which are nextdoor, the Villa is adjacent to the San Jose State University, an exciting campus bustling with activities year round. Residents can go swimming, go to the movie theater, take classes, use the tennis courts,visit the library, and join clubs, among countless others, all within a couple of blocks.

Riviera Villa is a California state licensed residential care facility with 49 beds. Residents consist mainly of individuals who have graduated from other higher-level Riviera Care facilities, such as Riviera EVPor direct placements from other sources.

beef kabob   pita sandwich   
steak and potato Three meals are served in the dining room each day in a family-like gathering. Dishes are prepared by qualified staff, some of whom happen to be residents of the Riviera Care program.  

Basic Services Include:

  • Private and Semi Private Rooms: Rooms are tastefully decorated and furnished with high quality furniture.

  • Private and Semi Private Baths

  • Gourmet Meals

  • Daily Housekeeping: Residents are expected to make their own beds, but the housekeeping services will help to maintain the room and bathroom.

  • Medication Management: Staff ensures that residents don’t run out of medication and dispense it according to CCL regulations.

  • Money Management: Residents are aided in the creation of a monthly budget and staff dispenses their cash allotments three times per week.

  • Daily Activities: Monday through Friday, clients participate in well-structured classes that focus on various life topics. They range from daily exercise, recreational activities such as art, music, or journaling, to participating in meaningful community activities, such as volunteering as a group to clean the streets and parks within the neighborhood.

  • Case Management: All of the needs of the clients are attended on an individual basis. Doctor’s appointments are made, medications are refilled, communications with family are facilitated, etc.

  • Transportation: Riviera Care uses its fleet of minivans to transport clients to and from their appointments.

  • Planned Recreation Activities: Field trips are organized to amusement parks, museums, community cultural activities, and many other entertaining, educational events. In addition, Riviera Care is known for its elaborate weekend celebrations. Family and friends gather to enjoy eating authentic food, playing games with prizes, and dancing to live music.

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