Riviera EVP with fall colors

Riviera Care Testimonials


From our Dear Clients:

  • "When I first came here, I thought it was the end. But really, it was a new beginning." ~Anthony
  • "It's nice here. We have nice rooms, eat good food, have help from friendly staff and have good friends." ~Robert
  • "Dear Jeanne [Sabankaya], A standing ovation! You are truly special and thoughtful!" ~Michael
  • "Thank you for the Luau, it was really fun." ~Diane
  • "The Hawaiian Luau was fantastic! Thanks! XOXOXO" ~Maya
  • "Thank you for the Luau! I was a success!" ~Marla
  • "I really enjoy living at the Riviera--especially that I have a job here and get paid for it. I love the food and the sunshine here and meeting many people." ~Diane
  • "I have lived at the facilities administered by Ali Baba Corp. I have found the food to be nourishing and ample: and the staff courteous and caring. Overall, I am very grateful and satisfied with the services I have received." ~Thomas
  • "I love the freedom to relax in between classes. The classes were inspirational. I enjoy the outing and holidays. Merry Christmas." ~Melissa
  • "...I can't wait to level four to get discharged, but I will never forget the smiles you put on my face in winning bingo, singing kareoke, getting Friday wrap-up coupons, and library on Thursday. And believe me, I have a smile not because I'm taking Zolof--it is because I'm really happy." ~Diane
  • "God brought me here. I love Riviera and everyone here, love the staff. We are family. Thank you all." ~Mike
  • "Since I have come to Riviera, I have been treated like a friend and confidant. All the people here have treated me with confidence. Already I have started to feel hope for myself and the people around me. It is a very good meeting--to be ableot find this kind of treatment. Thank you for being there." ~Glen
  • "The certain things of EVP I can say have been positive that they will not let you give up. I appreciate the staff and groups that have supported me... I think things will improve. Believe me, I am very confident and sincere. I know I have to be patient and things will improve." ~Sameer
  • "You people do a very good job. You guys are helpful. Help is here when you need it. I appreciate help from the staff..." ~John
  • "When we have classes and groups at the modular and everybody expresses their feelings in how we are doing, have a cigarette or drink a lot of water with ice, or talk to your friends, it's okay. It beats other board and care homes that are not structured. Here you have classes and something to do with your mind, and my family knows what's happening with me." ~John
  • "I would like to say that I appreciate the festivities they have done here. The luau was great. The food was good; roasted pig, macaroni salad, and fruit soda water, the talent show and prizes. I would like to say "thank you" to all the staff that made this event incredible." ~Stephanie

From the Families of our Dear Clients:

  • "Thank you so much for making her what she is now: more active, social, confides issues to health professionals/family and is doing much better. Thank you so much." ~Jeny's Family
  • "Dear Staff at Riviera, Thank you so much for such a wonderful party last Saturday. I had a great time and I know Kristina did also! It was nice being with everyone." ~Betty
  • "...Please pass on to the staff my thank you for the special holiday dinners and the gift at Christmas of the handbag. The handbag matches most everything in my wardrobe--I like it very much--thank you so much. The prime rib dinner at Christmas was wonderful and I thank again the chefs, it was wonderful. Also, at New Year's Day, the steak dinner was a real treat--I thank you for thinking of us all. The Christmas decor, the tree, the stockings filled with candy treats, was all very nice. Wishing you a Happy New Year..." ~Sharon