Mt. Shasta and Riviera Ranch

Riviera Ranch

The Riviera Ranch is perhaps one of the most scenic ranches in all of California. With over 1,000 acres at the base of Mount Shasta adjoining hundreds of thousands of acres of National Forest Land, the Riviera Ranch is the ideal hideaway for anybody looking for a retreat, whether retired, battling depression, or seeking a peaceful environment in which to write your life story.

Riviera Ranch Barn with Mount Shasta
Sabankaya House and Barn under Snow
The Ranch is surrounded by snowpeaked mountains year around and there is over a mile and a half of year around roaring creek loaded with both German Brown and Rainbow Trout.

Its water is ice cold as its source is the melting snow of nearby Mount Eddy. We have a 10 acre lake full of large mouth bass, perch, catfish, and an occasional trout. According to wildlife experts, there are over 90 pair of deer wondering through the ranch and its ajoining National Forest. Nightly lullabies are provided courtesy of the local coyotes and their pups as you go to bed. Every time you walk through the hills, you will stop to listen in hope of hearing the faint singing of wild turkeys. Thousands of Canadian Geese and various breeds of ducks (woodducks, Mallards, and others) use the lake on their migration route between Canada and

Mexico. You will be entertained as you gaze upon the handful of pairs who stay behind to raise thier beautiful little gozlings and ducklings in the lake's tules. You will be in for a treat when you hear the music of the redwing blackbirds singing in the tules all day long. This area is known for its wildflowers, especially the Shasta Daisy. Every spring, the ranch is covered in blankets of color as the wildflowers bloom, a different flower each week. Soaring above the ranch, usually over the lake, are a couple pairs of Golden Eagles, which is a great sight to see. In the barn, there are no less than six barn owls with up to five foot wing spans. The ranch is blessed with 27 natural springs, with ice cold water bubbling up before your eyes and delicious to drink. Each September, the ranch is loaded with countless bushes of sweet, giant, wild blackberries that can be extremely addictive. Around the house, there is an orchard of apples, pears, peaches, apricots, cherries, and (surprisingly for this climate) figs and every year we plant an organic vegetable garden. The ranch is also home to chickens and domestic turkeys, which provide more eggs than we can eat, and after you try them you will never eat a store-boughten egg again! Within the hills and meadows are miles and miles of trails for horseback riding, hiking, and biking.

Best of all, the ranch is also the home of Sabankaya Select, the Sabankaya family's private collection of 275 of the world's finest purebred Arabian Racing and Show Horses. Watch the miracle of life as foals are born each spring by the dozens.

Riviera Ranch Stables

The barn on the Riviera Ranch is over 14,000 sq ft and was handmade by the Sabankaya brothers and their sons. The siding is made of locally grown cedar. The inside consists of interior plaster, with all of the doors, windows, and shutters custom designed and built of solid iron right here on the ranch by the brothers. Each of the 24 stalls has a dormer with stained glass depicting a different wildflower native to the Shasta Valley.

Living arrangements